Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a word which no longer needs an introduction. It changed the way people maintain their businesses. Over the last few years, ERP took a major exponential growth and held a key value in many companies.

Small businesses contain complexities like a large business with many other constraints. Small businesses have to communicate with customers and consumers, do accounts, pay taxes, do payroll, deliver quality goods and services, answer questions just like in big business

    Large companies have the advantage of using advanced data systems to manage their process efficiently. On the other hand small businesses, typically struggle to keep things organized. They often use a mix of apps like spreadsheets, accounting software, web CRM, etc to manage. An ERP changes that.

    ERP-Next will help you to:

    • Track Invoices and Payments.
    • Stock Management.
    • Customer queries and support (CRM).
    • Manage payroll.
    • Assign tasks to employees.
    • Maintain a list of all your customers, suppliers and their contacts.
    • Prepare quotations.
    • Track your income and expenses
    • Get reminders on maintenance schedules.
    • Publish your website.

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